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Four Days, One Room - Day Two B

Title: Four Days, One Room

Fandom: House/ Criminal Minds

Pairing: Eve Carter/Jennifer Jareau

Disclaimer: I don’t anything from House or Criminal Minds.

Rating: PG

Summary/Spoilers: This is a retelling of the House episode ‘One Day, One Room’. Various of the episode's story revelations are revealed.

A/N: Eve is a character played by Katheryn Winnick who made a guest appearance on House for that one episode.

A/N 2: Special thanks to my wonderful beta

Day Two (Part B)

Night finally arrives and the only thing Eve has been looking forward to all day is reading to Jennifer before bedtime. She looks up at the clock and sees that it’s time. She picks up the book from the counter, and hops over to Jennifer’s bedside. She takes a seat on the stool, still where she last left it. Eve takes a hold of Jennifer’s hand almost like it has become a tradition.

“Okay lets continue where we last left off.”

Time passes, and Eve finishes
reading a poem about apple trees. “Apples and trees,” she places the book down with the pages open against the bed. She thinks for a bit then looks back down at Jennifer.

“I think that’s pretty clichéd,” she places her other hand on top of Jennifer’s. Both of Eve’s hands are now clutching Jennifer’s hand. “Why can’t someone ever write something about oranges and trees? Or peaches? I find them tastier than apples. Well Jennifer, do you think I should keep on going or call it a day?”

To the blonde’s surprise, she receives a response. Eve’s head snaps up, “Did you just squeeze my hand?”

Curious eyes stare sharply at her roommate. Jennifer turns her head and lets out moan. Those curious eyes of Eve suddenly turn into stunned ones. She looks up and sees that Jennifer’s vitals became more active.

“Oh,” Eve quickly releases Jennifer’s hand and searches for the call button. “Where’s that button?” She spots the panel on the other side of the bed. Eve leans over Jennifer’s body and reaches for the plastic rectangular panel. She hits the call button.

The blonde sits back down on the stool and waits for someone to arrive. She take hold Jennifer’s hand with both of hers like she was doing before. “That’s quite a response you gave,” she says with a smirk.

Shortly after, Cameron arrives into the room. “Someone hit the call button?”

“Jennifer just moved and her vital signs changed a moment ago.”

Cameron rushes over to see the monitors for herself. The brunette pulls out the stethoscope from around her neck and checks to make sure the equipment wasn’t reading it wrong. She presses the metal end of the stethoscope on Jennifer’s chest and listens in. Cameron then presses her fingers against Jennifer’s arm and feels the pulse.

“Does it mean anything?” Eve asks.

Cameron puts the stethoscope back around her neck and lets out a deep breath. She looks at the blonde across the bed from her and smiles. “It means Jennifer here will be waking up very soon.”

“That’s good news.”

Cameron notices Eve is clutching onto Jennifer’s other hand. “Pretty soon you’ll have someone to talk to,” she adds on her way out.

Eve watches as Cameron leaves. She then stares back at Jennifer once Cameron was out of view. “If that was a sign you wanted me to continue on reading, you got it.” Eve lets go of Jennifer’s hand and picks the poetry book up from the bed.

Late into the night, Eve continues to toss and turn in her bed. So many things were swirling in her mind. The most positive one floating around was the thought that she would finally be able to get to know the beautiful woman who has been sharing her room for the last two days


It’s morning. The sound of chit chatting is waking Eve up from her slumber. The woman opens her eyes and there across from her is Jennifer... awake. Not just awake, but up and fully energize. She’s talking to Cameron. Curious and a bit anxious, Eve rolls her body over to the side and faces them.

“You could eat on your own now, so we can pull this out of you,” Cameron takes the IV tube out of Jennifer’s arm.

Jennifer rubs the area, “Yeah it feels better getting that out of there.”

Cameron lifts up Jennifer’s gown, “I’m going to take these off too.” She peals the sticky devices off the blonde’s chest.

The monitor flat lines, Cameron quickly turns off the machine. “Whoops! Let’s hope the hospital didn’t think you just died,” the brunette jokes. Jennifer lets out a small giggle.

“I’m going to take a drink of water if you don’t mind,” Jennifer reaches for the glass of water lying next to her that Cameron brought.

“Go right ahead. Your mouth’s got to be pretty dry from sleeping for two days.”

“I was out for that long?” Jennifer asks after taking a sip of her water.

“You were, but you’re back now,” Cameron points to Jennifer’s stomach. “I’m just going to inspect your wound to see if it’s healing well.”

Jennifer pulls up her gown, “It’s all yours.”

Cameron examines Jennifer’s gunshot wound for a brief while then pulls her head back up. “Okay feeling any kind discomfort like headaches or nausea?”

“Other than the slight discomfort in my stomach, everything’s fine,” the blonde answers.

“That’s good,” the doctor replies while ticking off certain things on her clipboard. “You want me to come back later in the day and get you cleaned up?”

“Yes please,” Jennifer answers. “Can’t wait to get out of these hospital garments and back into my old clothes.”

“We’ll probably have to give you a new blouse,” Cameron adds as she holds the clipboard against her chest. “Your old one had a bullet hole in it and the doctors most likely ripped off a few buttons.”

“That’s fine,” Jennifer says with a smile.

“Okay then,” Cameron couldn’t help but like Jennifer’s personality. She leaves the room in a happy mood.

Jennifer watches as Cameron takes off. The now awaken beauty turns her head and sees the face of her roommate across from her. The golden strands of Eve’s hair are partially covering half her face.

“Hi,” Eve says softly. Sounding like she’s half asleep.

“Hello,” Jennifer responds.

Eve moves her hair away from her face, “Name’s Eve Carter, I was your roommate for the past few days.”

“Jennifer Jareau, pleasure to meet you Eve. You must have been the one who was reading to me.”

Eve sits up, “You actually heard me reading to you?”

“Actually Cameron saw the poetry book you had on the counter and showed it to me while you were asleep.” Jennifer answers, “She then told me what she said to you about talking to people in their sleep, and mentioned how you were sitting near my bed side the other night. It was pretty easy to figure it all out.”

“Oh,” Eve says disappointingly.

“But I really did remember someone reading to me while I was out,” she reassures Eve. “And thanks for caring. I never had anyone read to me before.”

“You’re welcome,” there’s a brief silence then Eve speaks up again. “You want to talk about something?”

“Like what?” Wonders Jennifer.

“I don’t know, but don’t talk about the weather,” answers Eve.

“I’ll try not to, but the weather is such an interesting subject,” Jennifer jokes.

Eve laughs and flashes a bright smile.
She has a feeling her stay at the hospital is going to get better from now on.

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