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Four Days, One Room - Day Three C

Title: Four Days, One Room

Fandom: House/Criminal Minds

Pairing: Eve Carter/Jennifer Jareau

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from House or Criminal Minds.

Rating: PG

Summary/Spoilers: An STD patient and rape victim copes with her turmoil through a special friendship she develops with a certain FBI agent. This is a retelling of the House episode ‘One Day, One Room’. Various of the episode's story revelations are revealed.

A/N: Eve is a character played by Katheryn Winnick who made a guest appearance on House for that one episode.

A/N 2: Special thanks to my wonderful betas geekgrrllurking, love_besos and femme_slash_fan


Day Three (Part C)


The two women lie down on the hospital roof with their heads staring out into the distance.

“It’s a beautiful day today,” Jennifer remarks on the weather. “Do you think the hospital allows us to be up here?”

“I’m certain they don’t mind as long as we stay away from the edges. Or we’re not suicidal or have mental problems.” Eve looks at the other woman, “So how do you prefer this to the room?”

“Much better,” JJ answers. “Air’s fresh, sun’s warmth is beaming down, and I’ve never had the chance to admire how beautiful things can be.”

“Sound’s calming too if you don’t mind the occasional sound of a vehicle passing by,” Eve adds.

“I like that sound. It mixes in the background well with the other sounds of nature like birds tweeting. Makes it sound like we’re not entirely in wilderness or the city either.”

A breeze blows past them. “You’re not cold are you?” asks Eve, “I didn’t bring any of our jackets.”

“It’s alright. A bit chilly whenever the wind blows, but everything else is fine.”

Eve sits up, “Well a wind just blew past us so I assume you’re a bit chilly. I know what might help.” She moves closer to Jennifer. She takes one of Jennifer’s hands and begins rubbing it. She works her way up the arm.

“You’re too kind Eve,” Jennifer remarks.

Eve slumps her body over Jennifer’s and starts onto the other arm. Jennifer watches on as Eve continues heating up her arm. Eve finishes off at the hand. “You want me to rub the rest of your body?”

“That did feel pretty good,” Jennifer answers.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Eve moves down Jennifer a bit and starts rubbing her legs.

The other woman leans back, enjoying Eve’s warming touch. The way Eve was rubbing her wasn’t simply warming, it felt like a gentle massage at the same time. It wasn’t the type of touch that might get too rough, and was a relaxing feeling to say the least.

Jennifer speaks up, “You’re pretty good at this. Were you ever a masseuse?”

“A friend of mine was,” Eve answers as she moves up onto Jennifer’s upper body. “She taught me a few tricks.”

Jennifer smiles and stares up at the sky. She feels Eve place her other hand underneath her lower back, simultaneously working both the front and back. Before making her way up Jennifer’s chest and upper back, a tingling sensation hits the FBI agent when Eve’s hand travels up the valley between Jennifer’s breasts. Fingers resting on top of her chest, Jennifer notices Eve’s hand starts to move in a circular motion across her chest.

The blonde can tell that the hand Eve has on top of her chest is moving in a different fashion than the one underneath her. The one on top is moving more slowly and gently than the one that is now rubbing her shoulder blades. It is also moving in one large circle, rather than the one underneath her, which rubs a small area at a time. Maybe Jennifer is reading too much into it. It’s easier to move your hand when it’s on top of someone, rather than underneath them. So it is totally explainable.

Jennifer shifts her eyes from the bright sky to quietly watch the woman who literally has her hands all over her body. Eve stares calmly back at her, as two sets of eyes with a different tone of blue lock and hold.

Eve could spot the drowsiness in Jennifer’s eyes. However this was the kind when someone has a pleasant thought in their mind, rather than the sleepy kind. Mixed in with a light smile and calm breathing, she knows Jennifer is enjoying it. With that knowledge, Eve lets out a small smirk on one side of her face. Although the blonde’s hands are still moving at the same pace, her gaze on Jennifer never breaks one bit.

Eve’s delicate touch was causing a lot of pleasure for Jennifer. She especially liked it when Eve’s hand tickled across the top of her breasts, more than she probably should have, if she was honest. The bottom hand soon finished rubbing the back of Jennifer’s before pulling away. Jennifer knew the top hand would soon follow.

Eve starts to move her other hand away. “No wait,” she adds suddenly as if a last minute thought crossed her mind. Slipping her hand into the unbuttoned top end of Jennifer’s blouse, just around the collarbone. Eve’s soft hand slides across pale skin and runs some small circles quickly around. “There, all done.”

“Thank you. That felt very nice,” Jennifer says softly. “And look, I’m not cold anymore,” she speaks in her regular tone.

Eve lies back down beside Jennifer, “Anything to be a good friend. How much longer do you figure we should stay up here?”

“Well it’s a beautiful day… so how about 30 more minutes?”

“I don’t have a problem with that. Sounds good”

“How about you get a bit closer to me. If I get chilly all over again, I’ll just use you as a blanket.”

Eve smiles at the wisecrack and moves her body next to Jennifer’s until it looked like they were cozying up together. The blonde slumps one of her arms over the other woman’s body until it was grabbing onto Jennifer’s arm. She then holds onto her


It’s nighttime, and Eve is doing the activity she did in the prior nights: reading poetry to her roommate before bedtime. The one difference this time is Eve being able to see the expression on Jennifer’s face as she read. The blond agent has her head resting over her arms as she listens. The same facial expression Jennifer had on the roof when Eve was warming her up was present here. She must be enjoying it. Eve finishes up.

“You’re reading voice sounds better than what I last remembered,” Jennifer compliments. “I really think it’s sweet you were reading to me while I was passed out.”

“Thanks,” Eve sets the book aside.

This was the time Eve usually gives Jennifer a goodnight kiss. However with Jennifer aware what Eve was doing, the blonde was a bit hesitant if she should do it. After a brief moment, Eve decided to just do it, so she leans in and gives her beautiful roommate a kiss on the forehead. It was the first time Jennifer felt Eve’s pouty lips touch her face. She speaks up shortly after with a response Eve wasn’t expecting.

“I’m more accustomed to kisses on the cheek.”

Eve smiles at Jennifer’s words and is more than happy to oblige the other woman’s request. She leans in again and gives Jennifer another kiss, on the cheek this time. This one was a bit longer than the previous one, and felt like more than a simple peck on the cheek. This one actually felt like a passionate kiss. Once Eve stopped, she said the only thing that seems appropriate at the moment, “Good night.”

The blonde reaches her arm up to switch off the lights, tucking themselves into their blankets without saying a word.

Late into the night Eve wakes up from her slumber. It’s the sleeping problem all over again. She looks across and is able to make out Jennifer’s figure in the dark very well. With Eve moving her bed right next to Jennifer’s, she is now able to reach out and touch the other woman if she ever wanted to. Eve could see how beautiful Jennifer looks in her sleep and felt inclined to cozy up with the FBI agent, but the logical part of her brain is telling her Jennifer might not feel the same way. And she would have felt rather embarrassed if Jennifer woke up and was wondering what Eve was doing.

Eve then catches sight of Jennifer’s hand laying there in the open. She realizes that this night she never held onto her roommate’s hand like she did the previous nights. Back then it was a gesture of hope and to feel if Jennifer was recovering, but now she just wanted to grab onto that soft hand for a different reason Eve wasn’t entirely sure she knew. Eve figured Jennifer wouldn’t mind, plus odds are with the way she usually tosses and turns, that she would inadvertently let go once she fell asleep. With that knowledge Eve reaches out and grabs onto her roommate’s hand, closing her eyes again and running her thumb over the smooth skin of Jennifer’s hand.


Morning is here and this time Jennifer is the one to open her eyes. She looks across from her and realizes that Eve is still asleep, golden strands of hair partially covering her face, similar to what she looked like from the morning before. Jennifer can’t help but notice how cute Eve looks in her current position. She gently moves the hair away from Eve’s face, then runs the tips of her fingers down her roommate’s face.


In another part of Princeton-Plainsboro, House walks into the hospital from the main entrance. He stops to look around a bit then lets out what seems like a mix between a sigh and a grunt.

“Ugh… work,” he expresses in a tone that says he is both tired and doesn’t want to be there. He starts moving again.

Cuddy approaches him. “House, I was going over the reports on your STD patients last night. Did you only test Eve Carter for STDs?”

“I had seven morons who forgot their raincoats. It’s all they asked for, so I didn’t waste the lab’s time. Why?”

“I wasted the lab’s time. She’s pregnant.”

A genuine feeling of surprise courses through House’s body. He stares at Cuddy then gives her a look. “I take it I’m going to be the one who has to break the news to her?”

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