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Four Days, One Room - Day Three B

Title: Four Days, One Room

Fandom: House/Criminal Minds

Pairing: Eve Carter/Jennifer Jareau

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from House or Criminal Minds.

Rating: PG

Summary/Spoilers: An STD patient and rape victim copes with her turmoil through a special friendship she develops with a certain FBI agent. This is a retelling of the House episode ‘One Day, One Room’. Various of the episode's story revelations are revealed.

A/N: Eve is a character played by Katheryn Winnick who made a guest appearance on House for that one episode.

A/N 2: Special thanks to my wonderful betas geekgrrllurking, love_besos and femme_slash_fan


Day Three (Part B)

The receptionist at the front desk notices the smell of something tasty. She sniffs the air and looks up to see where the scent is coming from. The sight of a man carrying a pizza box walks through the main doors. The pizza man steps foot into the hospital’s main foyer, and takes a look around the place.

The pizza man checks the name on the receipt, “I have a large pepperoni pizza here for an Eve Carter.”

Eve jumps off her chair, “Right here!”

Cuddy and Chase watch on from a distance. “Are patients allowed to do that?” asks Chase.

They see Eve handing the pizza man the money and he starts to leave. Cuddy looks at Chase, “Well she just did.”

Eve walks past the two of them with pizza in hand, “Pardon me.”


The pizza sits on Jennifer’s tray stand as Eve opens up the box. “Okay dig in,” she says.

“Thanks,” Jennifer takes out three slices.

“I’ll put this away on my side. Tell me if you want more.” Eve heads over to her bed. She places her hospital lunch on the counter and puts the pizza box in its place. She lays a pizza slice on top of a napkin and sits down on the edge of her bed.

The busty blonde bites into her food and looks at the other blonde across from her, “Much better than the hospital food?”

“A definite improvement,” Jennifer answers. “Why don’t you come closer? I don’t like having to talk to friends from a distance away.”

Eve was happy to comply. She walks towards Jennifer again with the pizza slice in her hand. She rests the slice on Jennifer’s tray stand and sits down on the stool near her roommate’s bedside.

The blonde shortly stands back up, “I know a better idea.” Eve adjust the railing down on Jennifer’s bed. She then moves across to the side of her bed and does the same thing.

Jennifer smiles and couldn’t help but find it amusing what her roommate was doing. Eve grabs the stool that was sitting near Jennifer’s bedside for the past few days, and places it back in the corner where she got it. She then travels to the other side of her bed not facing Jennifer’s. She puts her hands on the frame and pushes her bed towards Jennifer’s. Wheels begin to roll as the space in between the two beds close up. It comes to a stop when Eve heard the two bed frames bump into one another.

Eve hops back onto the mattress. “There! Now I don’t even have to get off my bed to have a close conversation with you.” Jennifer gives her roommate a smile.

The two women stare at each other until Eve picks up her slice of pizza from Jennifer’s bedside. And just like that, they return back to their lunch. Once Eve finishes off her slice, she breaks the silence between them again. “Jennifer.”

“Just call me JJ,” she answers. “All my friends do.”

“JJ, kind of a silly question,” Eve wipes her hands and mouth with her napkin. “But what do you think you’ll be doing after you leave this place?”

“Not much. Probably go back to work after the BAU deems me fit enough to.”

“You don’t have anyone waiting for you after you get back home?” Eve rests her face on the palm of her hand.

“Not really. I live alone. I guess that’s the reason why I spend so much time concentrating on work. I’m closer to my coworkers than I am to anyone else in my home life.” Jennifer looks down and lets out a sigh, then faces Eve again. “Sounds kind of pathetic doesn’t it?”

“Not at all. It’s natural to assume someone’s going to become closest to the people they spend the most time with.”

JJ nods to Eve’s response, “So how about you?”

“Same here,” Eve bows her head. “Single woman with a place all to herself.”

“Maybe after we leave this place we can pay a visit to those empty homes and fill them up a bit?”

Eve smiles, “Sounds like a nice idea.”


Time has passed and the two women decided to simply lay back. The two of them found a movie on TV they both could agree on. It beats reality TV any day. Their bodies are resting next to each other as they stare upwards into the television set.

“Not that I mind spending all day lying in bed and watching movies with you JJ,” Eve speaks as her attention is still on the movie.

“But I’m wondering if there’s anything you want to do?”

JJ turns her head to face Eve, “What kind of activities are there exactly that we can do around here?”

Eve sits up, “Good question. Wait here, I’ll see what I can find.”


Cameron is strolling the halls until she feels a tap on her shoulder. A bit startled, she quickly turns to see who it is.

“Hey,” Eve says.

“Hey yourself,” Cameron responds.

“Say Cameron, do you know if there’s any games around here?”

“Games?” Eve nods to Cameron’s question. “I think I know where we could find some.”

Cameron brings Eve to what looks like an activity center. The doctor opens up a closet and there sits an assortment of toys and board games.

“Getting along well with Jennifer?” the brunette asks as she sorts the toys out of the way.

“You could say that,” the blonde answers modestly.

Cameron could tell Eve liked Jennifer more than she was letting on.

“Well help yourself,” Cameron gestures.

Eve taps Cameron again on the shoulder before the brunette could take off, “Hey thanks Cameron.”

“My pleasure Eve.”

Cameron leaves and Eve looks through the titles for a suitable game.


Jennifer spots Eve just outside the door. She is able to tell her roommate has something behind her back, but can’t make it out yet. Eve steps into the room. The FBI agent can make out the sight of a box, but not much else.

“What do you have there?”

Eve pulls out the box from behind her back, “Electronic Battleships. What better way to heal from a gunshot wound than to gun down a few aircraft carriers?”

“How sweet.”

“Well it was the only game I can find where just two people can have fun.” Eve says as she walks over to her bed. “That and Snakes and Ladders. You want to play?”

“Oh definitely.”

Eve places the game down on the bed. She hops onto her bed and opens the box. They pull out the two battle grid pieces.

“I haven’t played board games in ages,” exclaims Jennifer.

“Me neither.”

The two of them sort through all the grey miniature ships and blue and red markers.

“Do these buttons even work?” Jennifer pushes the big red button on the panel.

“You’ve sunk me battleship,” the electronic speaker yells out.

“Guess so,” Jennifer remarks.

Eve arranges the last of her pieces, and lets out a sigh of enjoyment, “So you ready?”

“Let’s get this on,” Jennifer states in a tone that sounds like she’s ready for action.

Eve starts off, “B-9.”

“Miss. D-4.”

“Miss. C-7.”

“Aw! Hit.”

“Had a feeling about that one,” Eve smiles.

The two women enjoy themselves with their board game.


More time has passed by. The two women have set aside the Electronic Battleships board game for now. Jennifer’s having a conversation with the BAU’s computer expert Penelope Garcia. She is the coworker Jennifer got along with the most.

“So how is the hospital treating you? They haven’t shoved more medical equipment than necessary into you have they?” Garcia asks.

“No they’re very nice people,” Jennifer answers. “Even the woman whom I’m sharing a room with is a wonderful person.”

“Oh yeah I think Elle made mention of her. I hope you’re resting up and not thinking about a case. I want to see you 100% by the time you get back, you hear me?”

“You know I’m good on my word Garcia.”

“Well then you take care sweetie. Talk to you later JJ.”

“You too.”

Jennifer hangs up the phone. Shortly after a knock on the door is heard. It’s another man with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Come in,” says Jennifer.

The man slides the door open and peeks his body in. “I have flowers for a Jennifer Jareau.”

“That’s me,” the blonde confirms the deliveryman as he hands the flowers to Jennifer. “More flowers for me? Who are they from?”

“Check the card. I just deliver things,” he answers.

Jennifer sees that a card is tucked into the plastic wrapping. “Oh I see it.”

“Enjoy the flowers ma’am.” The deliveryman begins leaving the room.

“Thank you.”

Jennifer pulls out the card and looks inside. “So who are they from?” Eve asks.

Jennifer reads the message out loud.

“Dear Miss Jareau,

Thanks for taking a bullet for me. Get well soon.

Love Officer Hudson.”

“Aw,” is Jennifer’s reaction to the message.

“Take it that’s the officer you saved?”

“Looks like he remembers.” Jennifer takes a big whiff of the bouquet. “Oh I love that smell. Here take a look at them Eve.”

Eve stares at the bouquet, kind of reminding her of yesterday. Inhaling slowly, Eve could notice Jennifer’s scent mingled in. Funny she hadn’t noticed how nice her roommate smells before. It must have been from the shower and new clothes earlier in the day.

“They’re lovely,” Eve answers subtly. “What’s your favourite colour JJ?”

“I would say the red ones. How about you Eve?


“The blue ones are a pretty colour.” Jennifer takes a look around the room. “If only there were windows in this room. I could really use some sunlight and fresh air about now. And I don’t mean from a tube.”

Eve giggles and ponders for a bit. “I might know a place. Do you think you’re good to walk?”

“I think I can do better this time than I did last time.”

“Good, I’ll grab your shoes.” Eve heads towards the cabinet to go fetch their footwear.

“I’ll just have to turn my legs the other direction…”

“Just stay right there,” Eve calls out as she’s tying her shoes on. “I’ll be right over to help you soon.”

Eve goes into the drawer and pulls out JJ’s boots. She strides to Jennifer’s bedside and lays the boots on the floor.

“Okay I’ll do my best to keep your body as straight as possible,” Eve slips her arms underneath Jennifer. Once they’re in place, she lifts the blonde off the bed.

“Wow,” Jennifer says stunned at how easily Eve got her off the bed. “You’re stronger than you look.”

“Yeah lots of people are surprised that I’m tougher than the usual girl next door,” Eve says with a grin on her face. “Okay I’m going to tilt you down now until you’re standing up right.”

Jennifer places her arm on top of Eve’s shoulders, “Ready.”

Eve slowly lowers Jennifer’s feet to the ground, making sure to keep Jennifer’s body straight and to not accidentally drop her. The blonde’s feet touch down on the tile floor. Jennifer takes her arm off Eve and maintains her composure.

“Here I’ll help you with your boots too,” Eve kneels down and grabs one of the boots. She unzips it and guides Jennifer’s foot into the opening. Jennifer leans one arm on the bed to maintain her balance.

She gets her foot in snuggly. “Okay other one,” Jennifer states.

Eve zips up the boot and opens up the other one. Jennifer slips her foot in the second boot faster. Her roommate zips it up and stands up to face Jennifer.

“Thanks a lot for the help Eve,” Jennifer compliments the other woman.

“You’re welcome.”

Eve leads the way out of the room.

“So how far is this place?” Jennifer asks as the two of them strolls the hall.

“Not far,” Eve answers. “We just have to take the elevator to the top floor and walk up a stairway after that.”

“Okay I think I have an idea where you’re taking me.”

Eve looks back at her friend, “You don’t have a problem, do you?”

“Not at all.”

They’ve reached the elevator. Eve hits the up button and they wait.

“Actually Eve I think I’m going to have to lean on you for a bit,” Jennifer speaks up. “My stomach is starting to feel the weight of the rest of my upper body.”

“Here,” Eve says with a welcoming voice. She takes one of Jennifer’s arms and places it on her shoulders.

Day One A
Day One B
Day Two A
Day Two B
Day Three A
Day Three C



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