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Four Days, One Room - Day Two A

Title: Four Days, One Room 


Fandom: House/ Criminal Minds 


Pairing: Eve Carter/Jennifer Jareau 


Disclaimer: I don’t anything from House or Criminal Minds. 


Rating: PG 


Summary/Spoilers: This is a retelling of the House episode ‘One Day, One Room’. Various of the episode's story revelations are revealed.  


A/N: Eve is a character played by Katheryn Winnick who made a guest appearance on House for that one episode.  


A/N 2: Special thanks to my wonderful beta geekgrrllurking

Day Two (Part A)


Eve has returned back to her room. A few feet across from her, Cameron is making her daily inspections of Jennifer. She’s seated on the stool Eve left near Jennifer’s bedside, inspecting the gunshot victim’s wound from what the blonde can tell. Eve has the TV on, but seems to be mostly eyeing the interaction between doctor and Jennifer. Cameron appears to be in a more positive mood than Eve was. The blonde figure Cameron must be accustomed to hospital life, while Eve wasn’t too much a fan of the place.

Cameron then turns Jennifer on her side and opens up her hospital gown. “You’re starting to get some imprints on your skin here, let see if we can get rid of them.” She takes a damp cloth and begins rubbing Jennifer’s backside. “Lying motionless in bed all day would do that to you.”

Cameron started at the back, then later moves down to Jennifer’s legs. She rubs the towel on the back of Jennifer’s thigh and finishes off at her calves. Afterwards Cameron puts the cloth away and lays Jennifer back down on her back. She pulls out her stethoscope, slips her hand underneath Jennifer’s gown and listens in on Jennifer’s heartbeat. About 10 seconds later, she removes the tips out of her ear.

“Okay heart beat is fine. Breathing is fine. I guess I’ll see you later Jennifer.” Cameron stands up and begins packing her things. She grabs a side of Jennifer’s gown and adjust it closer to her body after thinking it was a bit wide open. The female doctor grabs her things and heads out the door.


Hours have passed. Eve flicks the power button on her controller and turns off the TV. She stares outside through the glass walls of her room. It’s pretty quiet and seeing the routine of hospital staff and even patients trekking the hallways wasn’t all too exciting. The dull colour scheme wasn’t helping too much either. She could hear the speakers from the hall making some sort of announcement. She was right about this being another day at the hospital. ‘Why couldn’t hospitals be like the show Scrubs?’ she thought to herself.

Eve puts the TV controller away and tucks her legs in until they’re pressed against her chest. Then wraps her arms around her legs and lays her chin on her knees. The blonde lets out a sigh.

‘This is really boring,’ she thinks to herself. ‘What am I even doing here? I should just get back home. I didn’t even talk to Melissa since I checked into this place to see if I actually picked up an STD. She’s probably wondering what’s happening to me right now. Should get back and let her know I’m fine.’

Eve then turns her head and sees Jennifer laying there. ‘Then again I did tell that woman and scrawny geeky dude that I’ll watch over sleeping beauty over here. Wouldn’t have been very nice to have assured them something like that, and then leave the next day. Nope not nice at all.’

She pauses and thinks for a bit. ‘I should at least give Melissa a call. That would work. She’s probably getting worried.’

Eve steps off her bed and walks over to the wall where the telephone hangs. She places the receiver against her ear and dials Melissa’s number.


Later in the day, there’s a knock on the door. Eve looks over to see who it is. She sees a dark skinned man with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. It’s another one of Jennifer’s coworkers, this one by the name of Derek Morgan. “Come in,” responds Eve.

Derek slides the door open. “Hi, just paying your roommate here a visit.”

“Go on ahead,” the blonde gestures.

Derek walks over to Jennifer’s bedside. “Hey there JJ. The guys at BAU and I brought you flowers.” He places them on the counter beside Jennifer.

He looks over at Eve, “Has her condition got any better?”

“Pretty much the same as yesterday,” Eve answers.

Derek focuses back on his colleague, “Well you stay strong there.” He gives Jennifer a smile and heads for the door.

Before he leaves the room, Derek turns his head back towards Eve. “By the way, when she wakes up, can you tell her that we got the guy?”

“I will,” Eve acknowledges.

Shortly after Derek’s departure, Eve gets out of her bed and approaches where he left the flowers. “Let’s see what we have here.”

She picks up the bouquet and looks at the assortment of colours. Many of them were of a fancy variety that Eve didn’t even know the name of. She couldn’t help but take a smell of them. The wonderful fragrance fills her lungs. “That beats the smell of blood and medical equipment any day. Better get these in water.”

Eve places the flowers back down, and heads for the phone hanging on the wall. She picks up the receiver and hits the button for the nurse’s station.

“Nurse’s station,” the other end answers.

“Hi I’m wondering if someone can bring a vase full of water to my room? The number is 312.”

“We’ll send someone up there.”

“Thanks I appreciate it.”

Eve hangs up the phone. The blonde stares back at her roommate. She walks back over to where the flowers were located. Then unties the ribbon around the plastic wrapping and opens up the bouquet. She picks up a blue rose.

“The blue ones got to be my favourite. I think they have the nicest colour. What’s your favourite colour Jennifer?”

Eve runs a finger along the soft texture of the petals, “Other than smelling nice, they also feel lovely against the skin.” She points the flower down at Jennifer and gently moves the rose against the blonde’s cheek.

“Am I right?” Eve continues to touch Jennifer’s milky skin with the blue flower. This time she moves it up to the temple, and runs the rose down along the side of Jennifer’s face. She continues to tickle the sleeping woman’s skin by trailing the flower along Jennifer’s neck.

A distance away House and Cameron are watching this from the hall.

“She definitely has taken an interest in her roommate,” says Cameron with her arms crossed. “And her attitude seems to have changed for the better.”

House looks on with his typical frown. “I thought my plan to pair those two up would have been a good idea.”

“You only did it because you wanted her to stop pestering you,” remarks Cameron.

“And I’ll gladly do it again.” House turns around and walks off. Cameron shortly trails off too.

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